To have your team change its behavior, you must be ready to reshape your business culture.

You must set new standards and rely on your leadership to lead your team to high performance.

Then, with the right indicators and with the proper coaching, you can finally empower your team and motivate it in offering superior customer service.

Our experts can make this all possible for your team and yourself.


Get engaged with your business again. Pick up the phone for an initial conversation. From the moment you get on the phone with us, you’ll begin to sense a different approach to our relationship, as we understand the salon business and talk creative hairdresser language. We will start the conversation learning about you and your business. What are your long-term goals? Where are you stuck? Together, we’ll map out a detailed course of action.


Danny and his team can make a significant impact on your salon. With only one day on the premises of your salon, an expert will evaluate, diagnose, clarify, and finally will map out a detailed course of actions, including costs and timelines. With this in-depth assessment of your salon business, combined with a clear plan of action, you will feel confident and motivated to get yourself into real action. Plus, to be certain of your success, you will get plenty of support for the following 30 days.


Once your assessment and plan of action is completed, we put together a “project-based” action plan to help you through the process, as well as to reassure yourself and your team that you are working in the right direction. At Danny Lapointe Consulting Inc., we recognize the individual expertise of all of our team members. And with a project-based action plan, you’re ensured that you’re always working with the best and most qualified salon business consultant for the job.

Why don’t you take advantage of our free 30-minute call with us?

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