Customized Solutions for Your Business:
Experiential Salon—Special Projects—Customized Coaching


Your team can try harder, perform better, and BE better! In these trying times, you can’t hope for the best; you have to make it happen. Our team of experts combines many years of experience and is ready to help your team and yourself succeed. We can work wonders even with the most stubborn and the most set in ways of salon culture.

Our solutions, customized for your salon, are grouped into four broad business categories.


OVERVIEW TO SALON FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT : Understand and improve salon financial performance; perfect for owners and managers without a financial background.

CREATING AND MAINTAINING BUDGET : Learn methods for predicting variable cost and fixed cost expenses, with an emphasis on improving profitability.

COMPENSATION : Understand the basics of the industry’s most comprehensive compensation program.


SALES : Gain and grow sales; learn which factors lead to retain.

CUSTOMER SERVICES : Learn the details of the most reliable, accurate, and customer-serviced based system in order to drive greater customer satisfaction.

DESIGNING RETAIL : Improve and retain retail results throughout your business.

Customized Solutions for Your Business!


DEVELOPING A LEADERSHIP CULTURE : Create a team that works together to accomplish individual and organizational goals.

STRATEGIC PLANNING USING MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVE : Use strategic targets and operational indicators to focus on. Develop strategies that will deliver goals, and action plans that help hold the team accountable.

MAXIMIZING CLIENT RETENTION : Define and categorize the importance of client retention and the need for systems to improve this most crucial operational indicator. Adopt the total effort of a company-wide commitment to improve retention.


COACHING TECHNIQUES TO CREATE TEAM PLAYERS : Learn to invest in the coachable professional and personal skills of the workforce beyond technical ability. Take an empathetic approach to improve the performance of the willing and the unwilling employees.

HOW TO BUILD ADVANCED TRAINING THAT LEADS TO IMPROVED QUALITY : Create or refine an in-house technical education program.

RECRUITING METHODS : Find and hire the best people for your culture. Examine your recruitment activity, which includes seeking and attracting help, and the formalized interview process.